Ja Rule Responds To 50 Cent Threat To Put Him To Sleep On Sight

Ja Rule got time today. The New York rapper clap back at 50 Cent threat to knock him out on sight.

Someone on Twitter said 50 Cent and Ja Rule beef is old enough to drive and it’s true. These two rappers have been beefing for close to two decades and now they want to bring it back to the forefront of hip hop like we still living in 2003. Yesterday, Fiddy and his Den Of Thieves co-star Oshea Jackson Jr did an interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood as they continue their promotional run for their new movie which is in theaters now.

Oshea brought Ja Rule up in the interview saying, “I told 50 when I met him ‘I like Ja Rule. I was a fan, then 50 Cent came out… I threw the [Ja Rule’s] CD right out my grandma car. It’s not for me. Nope!” Big Boy seized on the opportunity to ask 50 Cent if he ever ran into his old rap rival since the peak of their beef and if he ran into him now what would he do. Fif says says he would put Ja Rule to sleep on sight. He also admitted to taking the same flight as Ja once but he didn’t act on his instinct. “As soon as you get to the airport it becomes federal,” he said.

Ja Rule woke up this morning and felt like he needed to respond and created a Twitter frenzy in the moment with some fans thinking that they are trying to bring back that old beef. “Fun hip hop FACT: @50cent is PU***,” Rule tweeted before going on a tweeting spree about his old beef with Fif. “Lol you sure you want to do this ? You remember what happened last time?” one fan asked to which he responded, “Yeah I do @50cent got beat up, stabbed and shot what do you remember.”

@50cent says he will put #JaRule to sleep if he ever sees him ??? Fif and @osheajacksonjr here telling a funny ass story… #DenOfTheives – in theatres TOMORROW ??

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Do you think 50 Cent and Ja Rule should just get into the boxing ring and settle this beef once and for all or should they go in the studio and record a couple diss tracks? Comment below.

Yeah I do @50cent got beat up, stabbed and shot what do you remember??? ?

— Ja Rule (@Ruleyork) January 19, 2018

Come on let’s keep it a buck @50cent is my son my student young paddawan lol you owe me your life boy…

— Ja Rule (@Ruleyork) January 19, 2018


— Ja Rule (@Ruleyork) January 19, 2018

Oh and while I’m at it #denoftheives is TRASH… 34% rotten tomatoes save your money!!! Catch it on cable… lmao #Murderinctvseries

— Ja Rule (@Ruleyork) January 19, 2018

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