Scarlxrd – I Am Damaged Lyrics

Ooooh Ooooh Ooh Haha Yeah
Scar, fucking mad ting, yeah, yeah
[Verse 1]
Fuck a sick day but I can’t take time off
Wipe my bars in a whip no white off
All the frustration got me inspired
‘Bout to go get my empire
Drop the end if you wanna be wiser
Third degree burns got heated climate
Sweats might turn I’m feelin’ violent
‘Bout to destroy the peace and cause riots
Can’t handle the beast I’ve summoned
Be prepared for the shit that’s comin’
I’ve struggled before and suffered
They don’t wanna see me do well so fuck ’em
Got the hunger deep in my stomach
Grind don’t grind they see who’s tougher
I had to stop and think one time
I’m an Olympian why am I runnin’?
Fuck that [?] on my neck
Worth way more than the ice you wear
Noone knows about the time I’ve spent
I write facts like they’re pretendin’, okay
[?] my pain to your head
Say 1 word it’s dead or there for G’s
I’ll back them to the end
Fuck that ride or die for my friends
All the gas I don’t buy it
You don’t know me so don’t try it
You think I relate to who?
I got more in common with a cartoon lion
Take out kings and nice them
Tony Montana expand and buy it
I do sex and drugs not violence
Step in the room make everyone silent
I have so much time on clock
You stand still I duck and dodge
Lick man down with the snooker flow
You hit off and I get two shots
I don’t look back to the past
My future’s bright and so long
I got big then I moved on
I was on tele but I didn’t even watch like
Give a fuck what anyone said
Absorbing all heat and rising like bread
I’m always all in my flushes they [?]
[?] bodies in your trunk are dead
They only place I camp is gold
I feel like I’m Usain Bolt
Went to the paycheck on my toes
Fuck a fake friend I don’t need those
I hit the [?]
Think of madness
Place that ting right down to the roach
Some of my guns are loaded
Some of my men still do road

(I’ll finish them tonight :3 – Uzeh)

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