Clariyah – Blessed Lyrics

Man, I swear I feel blessed every time that I breathe
They only count blessings when you seem to sneeze
My flow is so cold every beat I’m on greeze
And what came before me is beginning to ceace
I’m heartlessly bold cause I cut off my sleeves
And that is not just something that you can retrieve
And none of you bitches could ever fuck with me
I am the myth that they chose to believe
So father forgive me for all of my sins
My commitment was crutial but I had to win
See my past was brutal but tough on my skin
And I am not new to this game that they in
So I’m bullet proof to every shot that they fire
And I won’t surrender
Like Cookie I’m coming for my own Empire
So fuck the pretenders
Couldn’t care less bout your thoughts that are driven by jealousy
My boss is killing repetitively
Bitches they rep for me
That shit a felony
Thought you could stop me by formally telling me?
That shits a joke
That just provokes
All the steam in me to leave you in smoke
Propose a toast
To every ghost
That is apparently behind my written’s man you bitches trippin
I don’t need writers
I just need Rhydaz that’s riding for Riyah
I’m a survivor, that’s just my destiny
When I was a child was taught I would never be what I am today
But I still slay
I’m reaching levels I never thought possible
I got my devils but they just seem comical
And I come through and kick down all my obstickles
Man, I feel blessed

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