Shahmen – Wild Brush Fire Lyrics

Back in Amsterdam, still smoking on that LA
Smiling at life, here in the beast’s belly
Fuck what evil tell me. Baby my name’s BLESS
Been hungry since the first day I left my mother’s breast
Been fresh since the mess left me then I left the west
Running from death with metal lungs and an iron chest
I keep my breath on lock
As i fire up this doobie full of fresh grown crops
You can find me where the kush grows
And the wind blows through willows
Blowing out clouds in the shapes of pillows
Writing short little poems, all based on riddles
Of my life from the lows to highs and middles
Cry a river and dive up in it, headfirst into my heart
Like a knife up in it, I write within it
A brand new life I’m living
Every time I’m handed a mic, its loaded dice I’m given
It ain’t a gamble of course of winning
Look in his eyes and recognize all the forces in him
And the forces with him, standing right beside him
Still hunt with wolves and I sleep with lions
Hanging high at night from the belt of Orion
Smiling at life and the fact that we high again
Crow wings spread, I think its time that we fly my friend

Long as the fire is around, there ain’t no bringing me down
As high as fire can grow, I go beyond to my zone

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