Soulja Boy – Hitman

You said get money that shit don’t excite me
Guissepes when I’m trapping these ain’t no Nike
Call up my jeweller he keep me so icey
Hit a hunnid bands jugging 2003
Hop out the rari looking like the president
Pussy ass nigga I run in your residence
I trap out the bando me and my little nigga we having it
Pull on yo block your chain we snatching it
Trapping ass nigga you know that im trapping it
I’m trapping in zone 1 bitch I’m riding with savages
Hit a yellow bone bitch from the back
Mini Mac 11 make you do backflips
Hit the highway now its time to go take a trip
150 bricks when I water whip
Fuck nigga try to rob king soulja
The Mac 11 nigga make a nigga do backflips
Try us I swear to God!!!
I pull out that draco my young nigga with me ain’t having it
Here for a M but my clique on some savage shit
Came up now I ride with the baddest bitch
(?) I’m spraying the heat
Chopper knock a nigga straight off his feet
You ain’t no trapping nigga never ever seen a key
Wrap up the bricks shipping hanna to the sea
Mini Mac 10 and draco that’s my heat
250 bands hunnid count a beat
Suwoo the rollie nigga banging big b’s
Whipping up dope Givenchi on my feet
Fuck nigga I get money I can’t even see
Pull on yo block 223’s red beams
Pull on yo block serving murder and lean
Fuck with lil dre you get hit with them red beams
Alla my niggas turn it to a murder scene
Run in ya house with a mask like its halloween
Came up from the bottom serving them keys
Double cup styrofoam sipping lean
Which one these niggas want beef with me
Run in yo house (bloah!) fuck nigga take everything
100 thousand made it in a week
Sipping on lean I’m bout to go fall asleep
Trap out the bando I feel like lil dre’co
Ak homie it can knock down an elephant
I’m trapping and capping they say that its evident
I’m in the streets shopping they say Soulja should run for president
I’m stacks on deck money gang nigga be having it
Pull on yo block and I empty the whole clip
You kissing that bitch and she sucking my whole clique
Fuck with lil soulja you gone get your throat slit
Call up my shooters they come get your door kick
Niggas snitching but these niggas don’t know shit
Fuck bout 20 hoes I go through the most shit
Serve bout 20 pounds no I don’t smoke em
Forgiatos, Bentley truck what I’m rolling
Ride through Chiraq and they say that I’m holding
Came from a 12 I don’t fuck with patrol man
Serving that cocaine feeling like snowman
Junkie hit my front door on the dope man
Say they hear shots (?)
Tried to shoot at the fuck nigga damn but the door jam
Hop in the rari you know that I chased them
Had the pistol on me but that shit jammed
Smoking on dope I feel like the shit man
Sipping on lean I feel like a kickstand
Shoot with draco I feel like the hitman