Stories – Mammy Blue lyrics

Oh mammy,
Oh mammy, mammy blue…
Mammy blue.

Oh mammy,
Oh mammy, mammy blue…
My mammy blue.
[End chorus]

I maybe your forgotten son,
Who wandered off at twenty one.
It’s sad to find myself at home,
Why don’t you come on around, now?

If I could only hold your hand,
And say I’m sorry, Yes I am.
I’m sure you’d really understand,
Oh! Where are you now?

[Repeat chorus]


[Repeat chorus]

The house we set up on the hill,
It’s life is standing still.
And memories of my childhood,
Left in my mind.

I’ve been through all walks of life,
I’ve seen tired, desert, lonely nights.
And now without you by my side,
How will I survive?

[Repeat chorus 5x to fade]