Kirk Knight – 10,000 letras

Yo, mask on nigga I’m feeling like Stanley Ipkiss
TM collect the advance and then we dip quick
Left with the bitches, liquor, weed and them bands
Here that white van with mad cash back to the campus
Pay my demand like Vincent Van, I need answers
But we on camera, shh, only police can say
"Freeze, hands up" takin’ innocent bystanders
When I hold the mic they understand the rest is just slander
I remember when my only option was following scammers
Or, being another MC that gotta hold the hammers
So I said "Fuck all that other shit gotta get my grammar up"
Any mistake that I make will only build my character
And all that fake shit people spread can hurt parameter
But it’s still contagious it’s messing with me not a janitor
I’m more like cannabis I get you, so fucking high you can’t remember that you standing up
I’m tryna live fabulous this is for my real ones that’s on it’s way to catalyst
You know the chemistry I’m tryna bring the energy for you
Same crew I was cooped up in my crib with
Had to shed light on my view
Little alter where they had a lot of park benches for pews
Too much talent in my soul but I don’t know what to do
And that nigga made a move
Time to pin up all these pinnacles
Throw ’em in the past man I gotta write a miracle and prove to all the ridicule
A young boy with a old soul, swear I made it cool
Been the bigger man so many times y’all niggas miniscule
I got everything to gain and nothing to lose
I want everything you ain’t getting it by playing it cool
I remember all the faces that told me to stay in school until I blew

And that’s without a gang sign nigga what’s new?
Now I’m shooting for the stars yeah I’m shooting for the news
What’s new?