Gunship – Tech Noir

I’m recording this, because this could be the last thing I’ll ever say
The city I once knew as home is teetering on the edge of radioactive oblivion
A three-hundred thousand degree baptism by nuclear fire
I’m not sorry, we had it coming
A surge of white-hot atonement will be our wake-up call
Hope for our future is now a stillborn dream
The bombs begin to fall and I’m rushing to meet my love
Please, remember me
There is no more

[Verse 1]
Feel the breeze, I feel alive
Will you come away with me?

You’ll be my focus
Could this be, could this be the hard way?

Before you save me
Just wait your turn
Look at me now
Steady as we burn
It was all for love
Just move yourself
Jumping back down
Pushing out in front

Keep your heart out on the road
Will you come to Tech Noir with me?



Guided by voices
It’s you and me