DJ Khaled – Go Hard Lyrics

[Kanye West]
I think it’s time for me to go hard for the hood I’m from
[DJ Khaled]
DJ Khaled

Fuck the rest, we run the game
Kanye West, Khaled and Pain

[Verse 1: Tenfoe]

[Verse 2: Luguz]
I go hard [?] I go unreal
I grind hard, make music that you feel
[?], motherfuckers keep speaking
So it’s time for you to listen
Yo, Khaled, this so Luguz
The one you never thought would’ve made it, but he does
He did, he is, the best
The rest can rest, unless I die in flesh
I rest my case, I bless my fate
I played my hands without a spade
You hate to hear the bars I drop
You hate the fact I’m near the top
Hate to hate, shit, [?]
You would hate me too with the rhymes I talk
The rhymes I live, the rhymes I spit
It’s gonna keep me going, it’s going make me rich
I already did, I leave it you
Middle finger in the air, n*gger, fuck you!
I’mma keep my [?], spit perfection, I am dope, I’m baking soda
Cut in ages, [?]
[?] for greatness, I’m forsaken
I go hard, that’s an understatement

[Verse 3: Kanye West]

[Hook: T-Pain]

[Verse 4: J. Pich]
I gotta go hard, I gotta go hard
With the flow of my beach coast
I’ve gotta show off, I’ve gotta show off
[?] with the teeth I floss
I’m so so sickening, no more convincing
Lyrically, I beat my odds
[?], no more [?]
Everybody’s talking that I am not good enough
Everybody’s talking that I am not good enough
With the peace and the people and the sound
Let the game slip away, let the name slip away
So I’m back in the middle of the streets now
With the words and the flow, I’m [?]
I’m a [?], and you’re a target, full shots [?], I’m flawless
And it’s [?], it’s garbage
And I’ve got a house full of [?]
My boss is [?]
[?], I am fast like Sega

[Verse 5: The Versace Kids]
Won’t let you get me, no
‘Cause I was [?] to go hard
And when I go hard
Go hard [?] in it
[?] in this [?] shit, come for y’all
My hood my be hard, bitch
My life is heartless
[?] you haters I’m a [?]
[?] beating on you haters

See I’m going, going, going, going hard
‘Cause I know [?] and touch the stars
Yeah, I heard them hating so I got a little smarter
Still [?] them hating, so I go a little harder
‘Cause I can, and I will
Go hard and that’s the way it is
But if you could

[Hook: T-Pain]

[Verse 6: Rover]
I go hard like I [?]
Go hard like I really want buy that [?]
Got a homie on the ground like a young Snoop
Big [?], like “Who you?”
I heard these streets talking dirty like I ain’t got this too
‘Cause that’s what happens when you’re heavy like me and my crew
You fools, you wish you were Rover
But homie, I ain’t you though
If I was anything like you I’d, I’d, wanna be like me too
Straight out the crack house
And ‘yall don’t want no problems
Bitch, here’s a new day
Looking at a new [?]
Bitch, [?] ain’t going nowhere
I don’t give a fuck what the [?] say
Got nothing on your boy like the hood told them
Got 20 blood like I pushed these n*ggers’ wood

[Verse 7: Luguz]

[Verse 8: Kanye West]

[Hook: T-Pain]